Due to the current situation in Ireland and following government recommendations, we have decided to close our premises to the public.

Most our classes will continue online by videoconference for the time being.
If you have not received instructions about your class, please check your spam box and feel free to contact us by email.

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Bienvenue !

Welcome to Alliance Francaise de Cork

Our mission

To Promote the French language and Culture around the world

We teach French

We Teach french to people of all ages and all levels, in a friendly, relaxed setting.
Come join us!

France is at your doorstep!!



Apéro' Conversation

Apéro' Conversation

Our Apéro' Conversation are back !

If you want to improve your French or English and meet new people join us each month for an evening of French & English conversation.

This month the Apéro will be once again at The Friary, 62 Shandon Street, Cork.
On Thursday 23rd May, 6-7:30pm

Book Fair

Book Fair

Book Fair & Crêpes Sales 
Saturday 11th May - 1-5pm 

The Alliance Française is organising a Spring Book Fair and Crêpes Sales ! Come and pick up some of the best French Classics and enjoy a sweet crêpe au Nutella, à la confiture ou au sucre ! 

Café Conversation

Café Conversation

Café Conversation

Speaking French around a cup of coffee and pastries: is there a better way to start your day?

Join us for our « Café Conversation » at the Café Vélo (3, George's Quay) on Wednesday 8th of May from 8 AM to 9 AM.
Enjoy a one hour French conversation with a native French speaker for only 15 € (breakfast not included).

Booking is needed before the 7th of May.

Cork Lifelong Learning Festival 2019

Cork Lifelong Learning Festival 2019

Café discussion - For beginner, intermediate and advanced levels - Friday 12 April 2019, 14:00-16:45

Discover or practice your french around a cup of coffee and a fresh croissant ! 



An exhibition by Michael O'Boyle

Come discover Michael O'Boyle colorful fine art exhibition at the Alliance française de Cork.

Opening on Sunday 7th April, 4-7pm
Exhibition from 7th April - 18th May

Review - In Safe Hands

Review - In Safe Hands

The movie tells the story of Theo, a baby who was given up at birth. We follow Theo's life as he's put into the foster care system and they search for him to be adopted, as well as that of a potential adopted parent in single woman Alice (Elodie Bouchez). Theo is looked after by father Jean (Gilles Lelouche) and case worker Karine (Sandriner Kiberlain) as they realize there may be something wrong [...]

Review - Memoir of War

Review - Memoir of War

This movie is an adaptation of Marguerite Duras' semi-autobiographical 1985 novel La Douleur. It looks at Duras (Melanie Thierry) as she searches desperately for information on her husband after he was arrested by the Nazis in 1944. This includes befriending the officer that arrested him.
This is a heavy and uncompromising depiction of a certain grief.[...]

Review - Lola and Her Brothers

Review - Lola and Her Brothers

Lola (Ludivine Sagnier) is the younger sister of Benoit (Jean-Paul Rouve, who also directed) and Pierre (Jose Garcia). Despite her young age, she acts as the mother to the orphaned trio due to their differing levels of immaturity. This movie follows roughly a year of their lives, with Lola getting into a relationship with a man whose divorce she handled [...]

Review - An Impossible Love

Review - An Impossible Love

Rachel (Virginie Efira) meets and falls in love with Philippe (Niels Schneider). Their passionate tryst results in the birth of a girl, Chantal. However, after becoming pregnant, Philippe shows less and less interested in Rachel. Over the course of the next 40 years, we see Rachel coping with the maturation of her daughter and the random moments Philippe chooses [...]




we use every day

One of the words that is common in mainstream media and is used a lot in our daily lives as well. Bon appétit can be translated as “Have a Good Meal” or “Enjoy your meal”, there’s definitely something artsy about the word as it has been able to captivate the English language and is used by English speakers every day.

1. Bon appétit

One of the words that is common in mainstream media and is used a lot in our daily lives as well. Bon appétit can be translated as “Have a Good Meal” or “Enjoy your meal”, there’s definitely something artsy about the word as it has been able to captivate the English language and is used by English speakers every day.

2. Cliché

Cliché can be referred to as a term we use when we want to say that a certain opinion is overused and betrays an original thought. We see that this word is mostly used in media or intellectual discussions where ideas or opinions about a certain concept does get stereotyped. The closest one-word translation of Cliché can be a stereotype.

3. Déjà-vu

We bet you can never count how many times you have not only used the word Déjà-vu but also experienced it. It is quite a natural phenomenon to feel that you have already experienced a present incident in the past. Then again it is not surprising that English speakers use this French word a lot as the language French does a great job in explaining strange phenomenon such as Déjà-vu.

4. Encore

Encore is also Eminem’s album and believe its kind of a perfect name for the album as it means the call for a repeated performance at the end of a musical show. Encore is commonly used because it has become a bit of a symbol in the musical industry and everyone uses it.

5. Fiancé

Another word that you probably didn’t have an idea that its French is Fiancé. It is such a common word that one way or another people use it.

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