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Amazing French Words We Use Every Day

French is an absolutely beautiful language. It has been able to captivate people since centuries mainly because of its structure and the influence it has over multiple languages especially English. A staggering fact tells us that nearly 29% of words in English are from the French language which is also one of the highest spoken languages in the world. Check out these amazing French words we use every day!

1. Bon appétit

One of the words that is common in mainstream media and is used a lot in our daily lives as well. Bon appétit can be translated as “Have a Good Meal” or “Enjoy your meal”, there’s definitely something artsy about the word as it has been able to captivate the English language and is used by English speakers every day.

2. Cliché

Cliché can be referred to as a term we use when we want to say that a certain opinion is overused and betrays an original thought. We see that this word is mostly used in media or intellectual discussions where ideas or opinions about a certain concept does get stereotyped. The closest one-word translation of Cliché can be a stereotype.

3. Déjà-vu

We bet you can never count how many times you have not only used the word Déjà-vu but also experienced it. It is quite a natural phenomenon to feel that you have already experienced a present incident in the past. Then again it is not surprising that English speakers use this French word a lot as the language French does a great job in explaining strange phenomenon such as Déjà-vu.

3. Encore

Encore is also Eminem’s album and believe its kind of a perfect name for the album as it means the call for a repeated performance at the end of a musical show. Encore is commonly used because it has become a bit of a symbol in the musical industry and everyone uses it.

4. Fiancé

Another word that you probably didn’t have an idea that its French is Fiancé. It is such a common word that one way or another people use it.

5. Genre

The French language has always had an influence in music, literature and art. Genre is a word that is used to describe a certain category where the elements of that art as same. For example, in music we have different genres which classify a specific form of music like pop, rock or metal.

6. Résumé

When you’re looking for a job you make a Résumé. This is also another French word that is almost used everyday.

7. Voilà

Don’t tell us that you haven’t used the word Voilà. The word is used to express a certain moment of success or victory.

8. Touché

The most common French word we use in discussions is that of Touché. If someone wants to appreciate a certain point that has been raised they use Touché to basically say well done!

There a ton of other French words we use every day as well!

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