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Everyday Different


an exhibition of prints, photographic images and video by

Trees Gevers

15th May – 10th June 2014

This exhibition is the result of looking at things through different eyes – things in the urban environment that we often don’t notice consciously (anymore).

Some of the abstract looking images are based on photos Gevers took of the fountain on Grand Parade, a feature everyone knows, but many of us hardly notice any more; others are based on found litter such as plastic bottles and cans, stuff we know that is lying around but mostly prefer not to see.

The curiosity to look past the obvious stimulates to discover beauty where one wouldn’t expect it.

The exhibition is also an invitation to anyone who is open to it to do the same – the least it does is that it makes walking through the city much more interesting and enjoyable.

Read the interview with the artist here: Trees Gevers interview in print


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