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Water – a Vital Resource

3rd Nov – 18th Dec 2010

An exhibition of posters created by GoodPlanet

Exhibition is supported by French Embassy in Ireland

Looking from the space the earth appears to be completely different from the other planets of the solar system.The globe is blue because of water covering three quarters of the earth. Without water there is no life. The appearance and history of life is closely connected with the existence of water, the life of man is also attached to this resource – a lake, a river or another source which is continuously renewed and purified by the water cycle. Agriculture, industries and big cities put enormous pressure on and intensively exploit the resources to such an extent which exceeds its natural renewal capacity. Water is polluted and its cycle disturbed. Despite its abundance, overexploitation and waste of fresh water deplete the resources thus causing shortages and endangering part of human race as well as numerous ecosystems. The future of humankind is closely linked with water, therefore it has to be preserved.

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