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The Forest – A Living Community

Exhibition produced by the GoodPlanet and supported by French Embassy in Ireland.

16th April  – 26th May 2012

Language: French

Forests are the milieu on earth with the highest number of forms of life and species. Forests play an essential role in water, carbon and oxygen cycles. They contribute to creating, enhancing and protecting soils. Hundreds of millions of people’s livelihoods depend on  forests. They are also the source of a large part of our medicines.

For centuries people have exploited the forest – its resources and territories – in order to meet their needs. As for other ecosystems, we must ask ourselves how to establish a balance between human activities and forests which are essential to human life everywhere – in industrialized as well as developing countries. Deforestation and deterioration of forest ecosystems weigh heavily, indeed, on the collective life conditions as well as on climate change – destruction of forests is one of the causes of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions  as well as declining biodiversity.

As we better and better understand and identify fundamental and complex functions of forests, they become subject to new forms of protection complying with the objectives of sustainable development.


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