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The best things to do just before your exam

images (2)The weather may be warming up and the sun coming out more often, beckoning all of us to come out and play, but for thousands of young people sitting their exams, nothing else exists until they finish writing that final sentence on their last exam day.

So in order to help them at this stressful time, we went for advice to professionals – we asked our staff to answer a question: What are two best things to do just before an exam?

Here are the TIPS they have  given:



–  Try to go to bed early: get a good night’s sleep, after a good meal and switch off with a good book.

– Put some Lavender under your pillow.

– Check that your pens (and your tippex) are working properly and that you have extra ones.

Marie-José O’Sullivan


Anne-Hyland1 – Try to get some fresh air before the exam and in between the exams too.

– Be sure about your exam times and make sure you know where they take place.

– Revise the subject headings to get a broad idea of the subject areas.

Anne Hyland


Christophe Erpelding– Talk to your friends about the possible exam questions.

– Don’t revise at the last minute, you will only remember the last thing you’ve read.

– Relax and bon courage!

Christophe Erpelding


Aisling Mc GeoughWith regard to the Irish Aural paper:  either listen to Radio na Gaeltachta for a half hour the morning of the exam or  watch Tg4 the night before for a half hour to get used to listening to Irish before the exam and to get in the frame of mind for the aural paper.

If you can’t access either of these sources, practising a past paper the night before is equally as beneficial.

Aisling Mc Geough


Niamh Sweeney

– The night before your exam, avoid any electronic devices, as the ‘blue screen’ effect impacts on your sleep patterns.

– Make sure that you know how the exam paper is structured and how  much time you have for each question. When you get your paper, quickly scan the question headings to get a sense of the main subject areas.

Niamh Sweeney


Valerie David


Valérie David

– Things NOT to do before the exam (a video in French)

Top des trucs qu’on a tous fait au lieu de… by topito



Matthieu Nivard



Matthieu Nivard

– Stay clear from energy drinks. Remember Will in ‘The Inbetweeners’


-Looking for a great stress relief technique? Try popping bubble wrap:


We hope this was helpful.

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Bon courage!


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