Due to the current situation in Ireland and following government recommendations, our premises are closed to the public until further notice. Most our classes are continuing online by videoconference for the time being.

We also have new evening French Conversation Classes (Elementary, Intermediate or advanced)

starting on 22nd April.

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Ten Interesting Facts about France

From the world’s most popular tourist destination to the Europe’s Highest mountains. Here are ten staggering facts about France:

  1. France is the world’s most popular tourist destination. Statistics indicate that nearly $82.6 million tourists visited the country in 2016.
  2. France is a leader in food preservation as it was the first country that actually banned supermarkets from throwing away excess food.
  3. Académie Française is a small group of French intellectuals that have been actively trying to preserve the French Language. The Group was formed in 1634 and since then has been trying to make it free and pure from words from other languages.
  4. The Louvre is one of the most visited museums in the world. Statistics indicate that in 2016 the Louvre was visited by 7.4 million attendees.
  5. Also considered as one of the greatest cycle races all over the world. The Tour de France has been regularly held in the month of July every year and the tradition has remained alive for more than a hundred years!
  6. Writers and philosophers from France have won the Nobel Prize for Literature 15 times which is more than any other country in the world. France is known to produce a rich culture in literature as it has produced influential philosophers including Descartes and Camus.
  7. France is the 14th country in the world which legalized same sex marriage in 2013.
  8. French cuisine is a part of the French Culture and one can realize the importance of French cuisine as every day two cooking books are published in France.
  9. France is the largest country in the EU as it covers an area of 547,000 square kilometres.
  10. France also has Europe’s highest mountain range known as the French Alps. It takes around 12 hours to reach the summit.

Here were some of the facts about France and its culture. If you have any to add, comment below!

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