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Review - In Safe Hands

This movie tells the story of Theo, a baby who was given up at birth. We follow Theo’s life as he’s put into the foster care system and they search for him to be adopted, as well as that of a potential adopted parent in single woman Alice (Élodie Bouchez). Theo is looked after by foster father Jean (Gilles Lellouche) and case worker Karine (Sandrine Kiberlain) as they realise there may be something wrong with the infant.
This is a thoughtful and sensitive depiction of the adoption process, it’s complications, it’s frustrating delays, but also it’s humanity. It’s very rare you get to see a movie that depicts this process so sympathetically, while not skimping on showing how difficult and soul crushing it can be. All the characters are very well drawn and likeable, they have nuanced struggles and feel like real people. You grow attached to such an ordinary situation, and really wants what’s best for young Theo.
It’s the sign of a deft hand that Jeanne Herry injects such life and tension into the day-to-day life of a baby up for adoption. It’s a very ordinary process, even with his difficulties, and it’s not easy to make dramatic on an external level. But you find yourself rooting for him to make more eye contact and cry, and it’s a treat to see the first steps of a little human surrounding by people who grow so attached to him. emotionally rewarding and very raw drama, quite the feel-good watch.

Written in March 2019, by Daniel Kiniry

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