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Site Assembly

an exhibition of  prints, drawings, sound & mixed media by Irish artist
Maeve Lynch

10th April – 4th May 2014

The exhibition explores ideas of shelter. Through the mediums of print, video, books and sculpture, Lynch investigates how we define and divide the spaces we inhabit.

Though seemingly secure, dwellings (both temporary and permanent) are relied on physically and psychologically by us and have an inherent fragility. Whether built of stone or cloth. Lynch questions how we perceive our own shelters, in terms of the space of the mind and its relationship to the space of the interior.

Site Assembly looks at dwellings of nomadic cultures and of contemporary cultures. Contrasting the constancy of movement of the tent to the perceived permanency of dwellings in the concrete, modern world.

Since graduating from CIT Crawford College of Art and Design in 2012, Lynch has been exhibiting nationally and internationally, including regularly exhibiting in China as part of Irish Wave and recently in the RHA 183rd Annual Summer Exhibition & Cork City Hall Legacy exhibition.

Download interview with the artist here:  interview with Maeve Lynch



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