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Lille – Shopping, Going Out and Celebrating

Any nice place for shopping?

Of course, like any other big city, Lille is perfect for shopping.

The city centre is full of famous brands and shopping centres.

Street of Bethune and a shopping centre of Euralille is the place to be if you love shopping.

But don’t forget about theVieux Lillearea, the shops there are quite expensive but you can also find some cute little boutiques.

vieux lille

It’s a great place to shop if you’re aiming for a more unique style.

Is it a nice city to go out?

Well if you like going out, Lille is THE place to be – social life here is one of the best in France.

The area near the street Solférino, also nicknamed as ‘the street of thirst’ is where most of the students meet from Thursday until Saturday night. This area is full of bars and nightclubs.

Although, this place is great, it is usually full of young students. If you prefer a more quiet night out but still want to have fun, le Vieux Lille is perfect for just that.

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Are there any big events there?

As a big city, Lille hosts many events throughout the year but two are very famous.

In 2004, Lille was the European capital for culture. Throughout this year the city hosted many cultural events which have considerably developed Lille.


From that year onwards, Lille became a tourist area.

After this huge project, a project Lille3000 was created taking place in 2015/2016. Events, exhibitions, parties and music activities were initiated.


In September 2015 the city hosted a huge parade as one of the themes was Brazil. There were also exhibitions about Seoul and Detroit in different museums like in the Tri Postal. This year has been very festive for the city.

Another event that is part of the culture of Lille is called ‘La braderie’ which happens every year on the first weekend of September.

Lille - braderie 1

This event is basically a big jumble sale everywhere in the city. On this weekend the city welcomes thousands of tourists and it’s usually very festive.

Part of the tradition is to eat muscles.

Lille - braderie 2

All restaurants put the shells on the pavements and the one with the biggest pile after 3 days wins. This event is probably the most popular in the city.

If you’ve also read the Lille – A Bustling City in the North of France, then you know everything about Lille!

If you ever want to visit the city, it’s better to come in the summer as Lille is quite far north. If the weather’s nice, you can even use bikes to cycle around the city!

Claire LourdelleABOUT THE AUTHOR Claire Lourdelle, Intern

Claire is an intern at Alliance Française de Cork from March-July 2016. She studied English as a foreign language in Arras and got her degree after an Erasmus year at UCD in Dublin. She then taught French for a year in England. She is now studying international culture and cooperation at the University of Lille, in the North of France.

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