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I always liked to draw and paint. After my painting studies at the Fine Art School in Paris and Rio de Janeiro I travelled a lot. Several years of wandering and studies in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Afghanistan made a lasting impression on me. These journeys have been an endless source of inspiration until today. The many shades of blue of the Pacific Ocean too.

The exhibition pays homage to several great painters whom I admire a lot and from whom I learn. The oil paintings are made on hand made paper, which I learned to make in Hungary.

The exhibition pays homage to the Hymalayas in Nepal & Ladakh, to the Tibetan monasteries and to the Jain temples of Mont-Abo in Rajasthan, all carved out in white marble, in celebration this year 2007 of the 60th Anniversary of Independence of India.

The photographs of the Tikse monastery in Ladakh were taken in the summer of 1974 when the country had just opened to foreigners. The same year I also took the photos of Mont-Abo temples. I painted the black and white photographs with china ink. They frame the photos of the paintings, which were made many years later inspired by these places that day.

I love colour textures, organic forms, complementary colours, refined pigments of gouache and the depth of oil paint – I mix colour endlessly, scratch, wash, superimpose, wax, transform, in order to give life to transparencies and depths.

This exhibition has been made to honour Alliance Française de Cork celebrating its 60th anniversary in the City of Cork in 2007.

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