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photo (1)an exhibition by Welsh artist

Hazel Ramsey

10th December 2015 – 30th January 2016

Hazel Ramsay combines the use of contemporary and traditional media, such as digital photography and embroidery, to explore how political activist and 19th century designer
William Morris used the past as an approach to create a utopian vision of society through arts and crafts.

His works are primarily based on Gothic design. He uses schematized representations of nature in summer time, with flowers blooming and fruits in abundance, with no reference to human labour.

This idealistic view of the time could not be any further from the truth, where the exploitation of labour for profit was more strenuous and global than ever before.

Hazel deliberately uses excessive pattern to draw attention to the otherwise obscured repercussions of the new manufacturing processes after the industrial revolution.

She does this to express the gulf that exists between Morris’s ideals and the dark implications of production that exist in modern society.

Admission free – all welcome!

Photo Hazel RamsayHazel Ramsay is a Welsh born mixed media artist, who specialises in photography and drawing. She is a recent graduate of 2015 of Crawford college of Art and Design. She participated in a number of exhibitions such as Anomalies, (2010) Kerry, We do not leave Pyramids, Crawford College of Art and Design, Cork (2015), Blue Thread, Sarah Walker Gallery(2015). Most recently, she exhibited in Don’t step on the Cracks, Solas Gallery, Leitrim. She currently lives and works in south Kerry.

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