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5 Great Things about French Culture

There are literally hundreds of movies that depict France as somewhat mystical. It’s a combination of artistry, enigma and culture and it lives on every street of the amazing country. Unlike other cultures, the French culture is somewhat more diverse and is present in everything of the country. Starting from the food & music to arts and culture itself, there is something quite distinct about the country. The culture has been slowly developed and has a lot of history. Today’s blog will address some of the greatest things about French culture:

The National Motto of France:

A culture is literally defined by a country’s motto and how it nurtures it people. France’s motto is Liberté, égalitié, fraternité meaning ‘liberty, equality and fraternity’. This motto has a long history for France as it dates back to the French Revolution. It also describes how important certain values are in the country which gives importance to liberty, equality and fraternity or brotherhood. The essence of French culture lies in this motto which focusses on Freedom.

National Motto of France Classes Cork

Museums & History:

We all know that the world’s most famous museum is the Louvre located in Paris but that’s not the only museum that defines France’s history. The country has numerous museums spread in all directions and its not just the museums that define the aura this country has. Some of the historical monuments or even castles that can be found in rural areas of France add to its culture and tells us a marvellous story tale.

Museums History Classes Cork

French Museums 

French Cuisine:

Food and wine are literally the cornerstone of a French conversation. A lot of philosophical conversations do take place in a French restaurant. It also tells us about the country’s culture as they do appreciate a good conversation and socialization in general. The restaurants offer a great place to engage in a good conversation even sometimes with people you might not know. The typical cooking style of a French cuisine includes a dish with heavy sauces and a lot of complicated ingredients.

French Cuisine Classes Cork

French Cuisine


Some of the biggest clothing companies in the world right now originated in France which tells us that French fashion is quite distinct. Major fashion houses like Luis Vuitton, Chanel and Dior all exist in this country where fashion can be seen in its purest form. People like to dress in a complicated way as well which just adds more to the beauty of its amazing culture.

French Fashion Classes Cork

French Fashion

There would be no Art without France:

Art can be found everywhere in the country especially in Paris and some of the other major cities. It is a wide known fact that French art is one of the influential forms of art that have revolutionized films, music and art itself. Roaming around the cities of France you will find artistry in its rawest form as Gothic and Neoclassical influences can be clearly seen in the architecture.

French Art Classes Cork

French Art

Don’t forget the Language, as French is the core of the culture of France!

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