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A Journey Through France Summer 2019

Nature, culture, sport and leisure, we have put together an unforgettable Summer Tour de France! 
From Lille to Marseille, we have composed for you the perfect Summer Trip to discover all about France's best spots. 

Let's dive in our French Summer Programme! 


Exploring the exhibition Tutankhamun in Paris

Let's begin our road trip in the heart of France, Paris. The capital of France offers a wide range of cultural activities and discoveries but in June, one of the unmissable things to do is the Tutankhamun exhibition which will close on the 22nd of September. This exhibition will be the last "Tutankhamun Tour"as all the pieces will then go back to Egypt indefinitely. 
For more information:  https://expo-toutankhamon.fr/en/

Enjoying the 'Eldorado' in Lille

After the busy Paris, it is time to head north to Lille, where lille3000's fifth edition, Eldorado,
is held from the 7th of April to the 1st of December. This year, Lille is honouring Mexico, its contemporary artists ad popular culture through a rich and diverse programme. Au menu, exhibitions, concerts, outdoors events and installations, street art... there is something for everyone!
For more information: https://www.eldorado-lille3000.com/en/homepage/

Visiting D-Day heritage sites in Normandy

We continue our journey with a historical destination: Normandy and the D-Day beaches. June 2019 marks the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Normandy. The D-Day landing beaches, which have been proposed for Unesco World Heritage Sites list, memorials and museums form a testimonial of this decisive period that marked a turning point in World War 2. 
For more information: http://en.normandie-tourisme.fr/things-to-do/sites-and- attractions/d-day-and-the-battle-of-normandy-113-2.html

Celebrating the Fest-Noz in Brittany

Feeling festive? The Fest-Noz are for you. The Fest-Noz are cultural Breton gatherings consisting of traditional dances and singing. They are places of generational diversity and togetherness occurring mainly during the summer in many Brittany towns. 
For more information: https://www.tamm-kreiz.bzh/festnoz

Singing ad partying at the Fête de la Musique in Rennes

To end the north-west part of our tour, let's go to Rennes for the Fête de la Musique taking place on the 21st of June. Also called Music Day, each year on the 21st of June citizens are invited to play and enjoy free music all over their city. Rennes is no exception and offers a very diverse programme from 6pm till late. Music scenes are popping all around the city and more than 100 free concerts are programmed for this special day. 
For more information:  https://www.tourisme-rennes.com/fr/decouvrir-rennes/fete-musique-rennes-bretagne


Taking a journey into Nantes

Going down to the south-west of France you might want to stop in Nantes for the launch of Le Voyage à Nantes on the 6th of July. From the 6th of July to the 1st of September Nantes proposes a journey into the city to discover contemporary artists, heritage sites and modern architecture. During an urban itinerary of 12km, Nantes is unveiling all of his culture, arts and tradition through temporary and permanent artworks. 
For more information:  https://www.levoyageanantes.fr/en/

Wine tasting in Saint-Emilion wine estates

If you enjoy a good glass of wine, then you should definitely stop in the area on Saint-Emilion just 30min away from Bordeaux. This beautiful town is surrounded by vineyards and wine estates implanted from the 2nd century by the Romans. Today, many wine estates propose a discovery of their vineyards and properties followed by a wine tasting. 
For more information:  https://www.saint-emilion-tourisme.com/uk/6-chateaux-a-visiter.html

Celebrating Bastille Day in Bordeaux 

On the 14th of July, France is celebrating its National Day with military parades and public dances. The biggest cities of France compete with their fireworks shows, becoming every year bigger and more beautiful. In Bordeaux, the firework will start at 10.45pm  on the Garonne river between Le pont de pierre et La place de la Bourse

Climbing the Dune du Pilat

Located in the Arcachon Bay, in the south of Bordeaux, the Dune du Pilat is the tallest sand dune in Europe. In between the immense Landes Pine forest and the Atlantic Ocean, the Dune impresses by its very large dimensions and once you will have climbed it, you will be able to admire a 360-degree breath-taking view of the ocean, the Cap Ferret, the Arcachon Bay and the pine forest. 
For more information:  https://www.dunedupilat.com/en/

Partying at the Fêtes de Bayonne

From the 24th to the 28th of July, Bayonne will host its famous ferias. For 5 days, the city will be dressed in red and white and will live in the rythm of traditional basque dance, music and food. 
Before going there be careful, the dress code is very strict as the only two colours allowed are red and white! 
For more information:  http://m.fetes.bayonne.fr/


Listening Jazz in "Jazz in Marciac" Festival
After your journey in the west it is now time to leave the coast and head to the south-east. There are some stops you can make on the way. The first one should be Jazz in Marciac, THE place to be in the summer if you are a jazz aficionado. 
From the 25th of July to the 15th of August, over 60 artists will perform the best of classic and contemporary Jazz. Among them, Sting will perform on the 25th of July, the Jacksons Brothers on the 11th of August, and the talented pianist Ahmad Jamal on the 4th of August. 
For more information: http://www.jazzinmarciac.co.uk/

Bird-spotting in the Camargue
Located in the provence, the Camargue is a wild region of France, producer of rice, salt and cattle. The Camargue is a must see when visiting the south-east of France.  With its medieval towns such as Aigues-Mortes, a walled town built in the 13th century by King Louis IX, the Camargue has a unique history. But this region is best known for its diverse Fauna and Flora. Bird watchers will be amazed of the many opportunities to observe migratory birds and, the icon of the Camargue, the pink flamingo.
WARNING: many areas are unreachable by car and can only be visited on horseback, by bike or on a jeep safari.
For more information: https://www.arlestourisme.com/en/the-camargue.html

Swimming in Marseille’s Calanques

The Calanques are among the most beautiful places to see in France. Stretching from the port of Marseille to the town of Cassis, the overlapping cliffs and bays gives an amazing sight for the eye. Victim of its own success, the Calanques can be quite busy during the holidays. We recommend kayaking from Marseille to Cassis along the Calanques, the sight is even more beautiful from the sea and the path less crowded!  
WARNING: Due to the high risk of fire, the Calanques can be closed during the summer peak season (July-August).
For more information: https://theculturetrip.com/europe/france/articles/an-essential-guide-to-les-calanques-provences-natural-wonder/

Kayaking in the Verdon Gorge

Heading north from Marseille you might go through the Verdon Gorge. This 25 km long canyon river is famous for its turquoise-green colour.
One of the best ways to visit this wonder of nature is by kayak or pedalo.
For more information: https://about-france.com/tourism/verdon-gorge.htm

Eating a 'Tablier de sapeur' in a Bouchon Lyonnais

On your way to the North, you should stop in Lyon, France’s third most populated city and capital of French gastronomy. While wandering into the Renaissance district, you need to stop at a Bouchon Lyonnais and taste some of the local cuisine such as the Tablier Sapeur (sapper’s apron), a dish composed of beef tripes marinated in white wine covered in breadcrumbs and fried.
For more information about the Bouchons: http://lesbouchonslyonnais.org/en/

Visiting Colmar, the 'Petite Venise de France'

Nestled among vineyards and crossed by many canals, Colmar can be seen as the poster child of Alsace. With its traditional half-timbered house, Colmar feels like “country town”, peaceful and relaxing but also convivial and welcoming.
This charming town is perfect to enjoy some quiet time and the best of Alsatian wines and gastronomy.
For more information: https://www.tourisme-colmar.com/en/

Admiring the beauty of Notre-Dame de Reims Cathedral

Notre-Dame de Reims is an architectural jewel, emblematic place of France’s History, where 31 kings of France were coronated. The cathedral was erected in 1211 and restored after being partially destroyed during WW1. Today, the cathedral remains a testimony of France history and of the Gothic art but is also a place of modernity with its impressive framework in reinforced concrete and its stained glass designed by Marc Chagall.
 For more information: http://www.cathedrale-reims.fr/en/

We wish you all a Bon Voyage

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