Due to the current situation in Ireland and following government recommendations, we have decided to close our premises to the public.

Most our classes will continue online by videoconference for the time being.
If you have not received instructions about your class, please check your spam box and feel free to contact us by email.

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Terms & Conditions for Private Tuition


1. Relationship between You and the Alliance Française de Cork

 These General Terms & Conditions of Sales for the services and products of Alliance Française de Cork ( “Sales Conditions”) apply to the contractual relationship between You (“Student” or “You”) and Alliance Française de Cork, a limited company registered on the Charity Regulator under the number 6550569H (“AFC” or “We”) and having its registered office at Enterprise House, 2nd Floor, 36 Mary Street, Cork (“Front Desk”).

You can contact AFC: 

AFC offers to Student French courses for all ages and levels: pre-school, primary, secondary, third-level and adult ; and preparation for different French language certifications (i.e. DELF&DALF, DFP, TEF) ( “Course(s)”). Such Courses can be booked online on the following website http://alliancefrancaisecork.com/about/(“Website”), in person at the Front Desk or over the phone at the phone number aforementioned.

Courses take place during the year at different periods (e.g. quarter, semester etc.) of the year named Term or during the school year holidays named Camp or before the DELF/DALF examination officials dates named Preparation. 

Course is (i) in group where there are several Students by class (“Group Course”); or (ii) in Private Tuition where there are one or two Students by class (“Private Tuition”).

AFC can also sell to Student educational books at its Front Desk or in a package online or over the phone  to support certain Courses (“Product(s)”).

As a Student of AFC, You, acknowledge and guarantee :

2. Purpose

These Sales Conditions are applicable to all means and actions enabling (1) the presentation of a Course or Product’s offer by AFC to a Student through the Website, over the phone or at Front Desk (2) the acceptation of such offer by the Student thereby leading to the conclusion of a contract ruled by these Sales Conditions and (3) the performance of the contract.Once signed, these Sales Conditions will apply for all your next re-enrolment or purchase, without prejudice of the Article 17.2 below. 

The enrolled Student is entitled to free access to our Multimedia Library and our online digital portal Culturethèque.

3. Enrolment process

3.1 Description of the Courses and Products – Price 

Each Course is subject to a description (i) on the Website; (ii) orally by the receptionist over the phone; or (ii) on the brochure or orally by the receptionist or the teachers at the Front Desk. 

Each Product is subject to a description (i) on the Website only for the package Course+Product; (ii) orally by the receptionist over the phone; or (ii) on the brochure or orally by the receptionist or the teachers at the Front Desk. 

Only the descriptions, characteristics and prices that We publish and that We directly present on the Website, orally over the phone or at the Front Desk and on the brochure shall be regarded as constituting the description of the Course and/or the Product provided by AFC. 

The prices can me be modified at any time without prior notice. Only the price presented at the moment the Student enrols in a Course or buys a Product is applicable. 

The aforementioned  elements determine the offer by which We are bound to when accepted by You.

The offers that We present to You via our Website, over the phone or at our Front Desk are valid, within the limits of (i) the number of places still available in a Course; or (ii) our stock of Products. 

3.2 Choice of Private Tuition 

Private tuition is a one-to-one Course for adults, teenagers or children of a 2 hours’ minimum duration organised in our premises. You also offer Private Tuition for  “couple”.  You can enrol yourself or your teenager or child. Private Tuition are organised in our premises. 

At the moment of your enrolment You will inform us of your French level or one of your teenager or child, on a self-evaluation base. You will be re-evaluated at your first lesson. 

3.3 Student registration, discount and payment 

You can enrol yourself or your teenager or child :

3.3.1 Registration for a Course

Private Tuition is organised on a case-to-case basis. We try to find a time suitable between the Student and the Teacher. In order to achieve this aim, We recommend applying for Private Tuition least 2 weeks before You wish to begin your Course. You will also be asked to choice three times lots that suit You. However, AFC does not undertake to provide You with a Private Tuition Course in one of these three times lots. 

If You enrol yourself or you teenager or child online, You have to submit the online Private Tuition form so that We can find a time suitable. In the other cases, You have to orally communicate the information requested by the form to the receptionist of AFC. 

3.3.2 Discount and Concession rates

Private Tuition does not beneficiate from any discount. 

3.3.3 Payment of a Course or Product Online and Over the phone payment  

Note that online payment and payment over the phone are only possible for Course enrolment and not for buying a Product. Nevertheless, it is possible that some package Course include a Product. In the latter, You will have to pay the package in one time online or over the phone. 

Once You have been registered online or over the phone, You shall pay the Course fee indicated. 

Please be advised that the full Course fee must be paid upfront and in full at the time of the enrolment. 

Online, You must click on the button “Check out”  or “Order for someone else” after checking the information. 

If you benefit from an Early Booking, such discount will automatically be applied or the receptionist will indicate it to You over the phone. If you benefit from a Promocode, You must manually enter you code or indicate it to the receptionist over the phone. The final fee to pay will then include such discount. Then, you must click on the button “Proceed”. 

Then, You will be asked to choose a means of payment: 

You will be asked to fulfill the electronic form that will allow us to identify and proceed to the payment. The transaction is carried out through (i) the transaction encashment platform STRIPE, online; or (ii) the transaction encashment platform CLOVER, over the phone; which both are third party. 

In order to realize your enrolment, We provide You with a summary of the relative information of your enrolment allowing You to verify the details you have communicated and the fee before to paying. 

Before clicking on the button “Place my Order” or orally accept the order allowing You to enrol and to express your acceptance, You will be given the possibility to modify the information You provided. 

Online, You must click on the button “Place my order” to complete your order. Over the phone, You must orally accept the information, to complete your order. You are fully aware that the fact of placing an order implies an obligation to pay. Payment is direct. Your payment confirmation constitutes your acceptance of these Sales Conditions. 

AFC may refuse to conclude the contract if your order is not in compliance with these Sales Conditions. An email with the acknowledgment of your order, its approval by the AFC, your acceptance, and the payment processing will be sent to You by AFC at the email address that you have indicated during the order process (“Order Confirmation Email”). 

Private Tuition classes are valid for 12 months from the date your payment is made. In person/at Front Desk payment 

Note that the payment at the Front Desk is possible both for (i) the Courses, (ii) the Products and (iii) for package of Course and Product(s). 

Once You have been registered at the Front Desk, You shall pay the Course fee. 

Please be advised that the full Course fee must be paid upfront and in full at the time of the enrolment. 

If you benefit from a Promocode, You must indicate it to the receptionist. If You benefit from an Early Booking, the receptionist will indicate it to You. The final fee to pay will then include such discount. 

Then, You will be asked to choose a means of payment. 

By paying by card, You will be asked to enter your PIN Code on the payment terminal. The transaction is carried out through the transaction encashment platform CLOVER which is a third party. You are fully aware that the fact of placing an order implies an obligation to pay.

As soon as your payment is made, You will receive a paper receipt of your payment with a number of your order. Your payment constitutes your acceptance of these Sales Conditions. AFC may refuse to conclude the contract if your order is not in compliance with these Sales Conditions. 

Classes in a Private Tuition Course are valid for 12 months from the date your payment is made. 

4. Enrolment refusal 

We reserve the right to terminate the enrolment of any Student and to refuse any subsequent re-enrolments on a Course, particularly in case of serious breach of AFC’s internal rules by the Student or any behaviour that deviates from the normal behaviour of a student. No refund will be made in the event of termination during the Term of the Course. 

5. Right of Withdrawal 

5.1 Online and Over the phone Payment 

Which time frame?

How exercise my withdrawal right?

How and what will be refunded to me?

How return a Product ?

How long will it take for me to be reimbursed?

5.2 In Person/at Front Desk payment 

You do not have a right of withdrawal when You (i) enrol yourself, your teenager or your child for a Course in person at the Front Desk of AFC; or (ii) order a Product in person at the front desk of AFC. 

The contract is definitively concluded when the payment of your order is processed without prejudice to the right of cancellation that we grant You below

6. Course size and time slot

Private Tuition is a one-to-one Course: one Student by class. 

However, AFC also offers Private Tuition for duo: two Students by class. 

Furthermore, in the event the minimum number of Students for a Group Course is not reach for open one, AFC reserves the right to create semi  Private Tuition Course. The fee of the Course will be proportionally reduced and the agreement of the 2 Students will be required. 

At the time of your registration, You will be asked to choice three time slots that suit You. However, AFC does not undertake to provide You with a Private Tuition in one of these three time slots. 

AFC can also modify, if necessary, the Course schedules and calendars. 

7.Student’s Commitment and Absence 

Students enrols and commits to diligently and punctually attend the Course.

AFC required 24 hours’ notice on the working day before your Private Tuition for modifications or cancellations. Failure to notify AFC of any change after this period will result in the full fee being charged for the class. 

Any cancellation or modification needs to be made by Phone via our reception 021 431 0677 – Monday to Friday before 5.00pm and Saturday before 4.30pm. 

Cancellations on behalf of teenager or child must be made by their parent(s) or guardian(s). 

If you arrive after the scheduled start of your lesson, your class will not be extended and no refund or pro-rata adjustment will be granted. 

8. Cancelling your enrolment

Without prejudice of your right of withdrawal, any enrolment cancellation prior to the beginning of a Course, for which fee has already been paid in part or in full, will be subject of a refund within thirty (30) working days from receiving your request of cancellation. 

An administration fee of seventy-five euro (75 euros)will be not refunded.

If the enrolment cancellation is late (three working days before the start of the Course), the administration fee will be fifty percent of the Course’s fee. 

The request of cancellation must be made in writing by postal or e-mail. 

Without prejudice of your right of withdrawal, once enrolled on a Course no refund will be made to a Student in respect of the Course which has commenced. 

Without prejudice of your right of withdrawal, no refund in respect of Products shall be made at any stage by the AFC. 

9. Deferring your Course 

When a committed Student is no longer able to attend classes the remainder of a Course, We might be able to organise a partial credit not. Credit note may be provided strictly in the event of one of the following unforeseen circumstances: 

Request for credit note must be addressed in writing by email to the Director of AFC at the following address info@alliancefrancaisecork.com with supporting documentation.

Credit notes will be the value of the Course fee corresponding to the remainder of the Course at the time the request is received, less seventy-five euro (75 euros) administration fee. The following cumulative strict conditions apply to credit notes:

10. Class Cancellation in the event of a Force Majeure

AFC will not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform or delay in the performance of its obligations in respect of unforeseen events outside of its reasonable control (hereinafter a “Force Majeure Event”). A Force Majeure Event includes any acts, events, non-occurrence, omission or accident beyond the reasonable control of the AFC and includes in particular (without limitation) the following: 

Any class of a Course scheduled for the period of the Force Majeure Event will be cancelled or rescheduled without any liability on the part of the AFC to compensate or schedule a replacement class. 

To the extent that it is possible such cancellation will be advertised on the AFC website or otherwise communicated to the Students concerned. 

11. Designation and absence of a teacher

For each Course, AFC will designate a teacher and a room in which the Course will take place. You will not have an automatic entitlement to be taught by a specific teacher or to a specific room. AFC cannot guarantee the same teacher for the entire duration of a Course. 

To the extent that it is possible, in the event of a teacher’s absence from a scheduled class (e.g. the teacher must supervise an official exam like DELF exam), while the premises is open, AFC is committed to ensuring continuity of service. If the circumstances do not permit the replacement of the absent teacher by a substitute teacher on the scheduled day, the class will be rescheduled to another time which may not necessary correspond to its usual day of week and/or timeslot. No partial refund can be granted for classes no attended as outlined in clause 7. 

12.  Insurance and Student’s property

Health, accident and civil liability insurance are mandatory and at the expense of the Student. 

AFC will not be held responsible for loss or theft of any Student’s property from the premises. The Student’s property is the sole responsibility of the Student at all times. 

13. Absence of liability in the event of failure

AFC does not accept any liability in the event a Student or an exam candidate failing to achieve his/her learning objectives or to pass his/her exam. The Student thereby agrees to meet his/her commitments as indicated in Article 7.

14. Holidays 

AFC is closed during all designated public holidays in the Republic of Ireland. Therefore, classes will not be held on public holidays. 

15. Cork French Film Festival – Film Pass

As part of the annual Cork French Film Festival organised by AFC, AFC can sell Film Pass to Students or non-member persons. A Film Pass allows You to attend several films that You have chosen in advance at the Cork Gate Cinemas during the Cork French Film Festival. 

Cork Gate Cinemas is your only co-contractor. AFC only acts as a representative for selling ticket films. Therefore, for further details about your purchase of film ticket, please refer to the General Sales Conditions of the Cork Gate Cinemas. 

16. Personal data 

At AFC, protecting the privacy of our Students is really important. Therefore, AFC ensures compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation and any other relevant applicable legislation. You may want to read our Privacy Policy. `

17. General Provisions

17.1 Scope of the Contract

This version of the Sales Condition constitutes the entire contract between You and AFC and cancels, excludes and replaces any previous conditions in its subject matter.  Once signed, these Sales Conditions will apply for all your next re-enrolment or purchase, without prejudice of the Article 17.2 below. 

17.2 Modification of the Sales Conditions

You acknowledge and agreed that AFC keeps the right to modify or change, in any case, all or part of these Sales Conditions to reflect changes to the law or any applicable regulation, changes to ours Courses or Products or any event which is deemed sufficient by AFC to command such revisions. Any new version of the Sales Conditions  replaces the previous the previous Sales Conditions. Changes will not apply retroactively. 

17.3 Severability

If any provision of the Sales Conditions is found to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable under any applicable law, such term shall, insofar as it is severable from the remaining terms, be deemed omitted from this Agreement and shall in no way affect the legality, validity or enforceability of the remaining terms. 

17.4 Applicable law, relevant jurisdictions and dispute resolution 

These Sales Conditions are subject to Irish Law and the Irish courts will be competent. In the event of any dispute between AFC and You arising out or in connection with these Sales Conditions or with the Courses or Products, You and AFC shall attempt, promptly, in good faith and before any judicial action, to resolve the dispute amicably. If despite all our efforts to meet your expectations you do not get satisfaction, you can use the online dispute resolution platform provided by the European Commission. You can access to the platform by following this link: https://ec.europa.eu/info/live-work-travel-eu/consumers/resolve-your-consumer-complaint_en

You can also proceed in to the Irish competent Court. 

Last update : May 2019 

Privacy policy

Alliance Française de Cork (“AFC” or “We”) is a Registered Irish Charity whose activity is not-for-profit. AFC fully respects your right to privacy and actively seeks to preserve the privacy rights of data subjects who share information with AFC (“You”) and to comply with the GDPR 2018’s requirements. AFC  ocated at Enterprise House 2ndFloor, 36 Mary Street, Cork,T12 RCY9 is the controller of your personal data. You can contact us by postal mail, by email at info@alliancefrancaisecork.comor by phone at (021) 431 0677.
This Privacy Policy explains how We may process your personal data. It may be amended or updated from time to time to reflect changes in our practises or changes in applicable law, so please check it regularly for updates. 

What information do We collect and when?

We may process the following categories of personal data:


Why do We Process personal data?

We may process your personal data for the following purposes as part of the execution of the contract between You and us:

We may also process your personal data for the following purposes on the basis of our legitimate interests or of your consent: 

Finally, We can process your personal data where the processing is required by applicable law (i.e. compliance with our legal and regulatory obligations). 

How long We keep your personal data ? 

Storage period: Our records of personal data are kept for the period that is strictly necessary to reach the purpose of the personal data processing. During this period your personal data may be processed by us. We only store personal data strictly necessary for the purpose of the processing. Archiving period: After the end of the storage period and before deletion or anonymization, the records of personal data may be kept for administrative purposes pursuant to an applicable legal obligation or statutes of limitation (e.g. legal actions), if applicable. 

Personal data used for marketing campaign purpose are stored 12 months as from your last enrolment or purchase. We do not store and archive your credit card details after a payment is made.  

Do We share personal data?

We do not sell, lease, rent or otherwise disclose your personal data to third parties unless otherwise stated below:

International transfer of personal data 

We may need to transfer your personal data to third parties, as indicated in the paragraph before, in connection with the purposes set out in this privacy policy (i.e. SYNERGY is located in Australia, STRIPE and CLOVER are located in USA). For this reason, We may transfer your personal data to recipients located outside of the EEA who are not in adequate jurisdictions or bound by the Privacy Shield, We do so on the basis of standard agreement approved by relevant authorities or binding corporate rules. 

How do We address the Privacy of Children?

Our Courses and Products are typically intended for general audiences. AFC does not  knowingly collect information of children under the age of 18 years old without the consent of their parents or guardians. 

We do not process the personal data of a child for purposes of direct marketing. 

What steps are taken to safeguard personal data and keep them accurate?

We implement appropriate technical and organisational security measures to protect your personal data (e.g. access log, limited file access rights etc.).

We also take every reasonable step to ensure that your personal data are kept accurate and up-to-date and are erased or rectified if We become aware of inaccuracies (e.g. ask you to confirm your address email or phone number for a re-enrolment in a Course). 

What are your rights and how exercise them?

You have the following rights regarding personal data that AFC processes about You: 

We may require proof of your identity before We can give effect to these rights. 

How do We use cookies (Cookies Policy)?

AFC uses cookies to (i) improve the use, functionality and users experience of its website; (ii) process your orders; and (ii) analyse how its website is used and compile anonymous and aggregate statistics 

What are cookies? A cookie is a small file which is downloaded to your device when You visit a website. Cookies are used by a lot of websites for a lot a different reason; they could help to remember your language preference, to navigate between the pages seamlessly, or to count the number of views of a page etc. usually to improve the user experience. More information on the Data Protection Commission website

 How do we use cookies? We can use three types of cookies:

How to delete and block our cookies ? You can block cookies by activating the setting on your browser that allows You to refuse the setting of all or some cookies. These settings are usually found in the 'options' or 'preferences' menu of your internet browser.However, if You use your browser settings to block all cookies (including strictly necessary cookies), you may not be able to access all or parts of our site.

Email newsletter and direct marketing

AFC uses its email newsletter to notify subscribers of events, activities and cultural events. We may also process your personal data to contact you with information regarding (i) our Courses, Products that may be interested to you and kind similar to those you already bought; and (ii) our non-commercial events. You may unsubscribe for free at any time. 


Last update: May 2019. 


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