Official Exam Centre for Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Paris Diplomas

April 23, 2014

IMG_1323We are delighted to announce Alliance Franҫaise de Cork has been nominated the Official Exam Centre in Cork for the Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Paris Ile-de-France DFP Diplomas.

In response to the increasing demand from the business sector in Cork and throughout Munster for specialization in French, we are introducing the DFP, which are internationally recognized professional Diplomas in French enabling candidates to officially certify and prove competency to use French in a variety of professional and practical contexts.

If you are currently working or wish to work in the trade, finance, legal, medical, scientific, tourist, read more…

Little Nuggets for a Splendid Holiday in France

July 2, 2014

711_681_PrincipaleBy Nora Callanan

If you are planning a trip to the south of France and the Cote d’Azur, the breathtakingly beautiful Ramatuelle, on the outskirts of St Tropez, is a real hidden treasure, with heavenly views of the Mediterranean, an absolute treat to meander through this medieval town. For music lovers, August is the moment to go there to catch the Jazz Ramatuelle (16th – 20th) and Les Nuits Classiques, this year celebrating the 30th edition, also in August. read more…

CIT Degree Exhibition 2014

June 23, 2014

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the works

Toutes nos félicitations à Eamon B Shanahan, qui à gagné le prix de concours de l’Alliance Française de Cork.

Alliance Française de Cork is pleased to collaborate with CIT-CCAD in awarding the AFCork Exhibition prize to a graduating artist.

This year the winner is Eamon B Shanahan, who will exhibit at AFCork Galerie later this year.

The best things to do just before your exam

May 30, 2014

images (2)The weather may be warming up and the sun coming out more often, beckoning all of us to come out and play, but for thousands of young people sitting their exams, nothing else exists until they finish writing that final sentence on their last exam day.

So in order to help them at this stressful time, we went for advice to professionals – we asked our staff to answer a question: What are two best things to do just before an exam?

Here are the TIPS they have  given:


read more…

Everyday Different

November 18, 2013

Trees Gevers

an exhibition of prints, photographic images and video by

Trees Gevers

15th May – 10th June 2014

This exhibition is the result of looking at things through different eyes – things in the urban environment that we often don’t notice consciously (anymore). Some of the abstract looking images are based on photos Gevers took of the fountain on Grand Parade, a feature everyone knows, but many of us hardly notice any more; read more…

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