Vive la France!

July 1, 2015

image 14 juilletCafé Français à la Galerie

Drop in to Alliance Française de Cork for a francophone morning

Tuesday 14th July 2015


French ambiance, readings, French music and flowing conversation à la française over café et croissants. read more…

Quiz: Les personnalités liées à la région Nord-Pas de Calais

June 30, 2015

Quiz imagepar Valérie David

Connaissez-vous ces personnalités liées à la région Nord-Pas de Calais?

Tout d’abord, savez-vous placer la région Nord-Pas de Calais sur une carte de France?

Quelles villes de cette région  pouvez-vous citer? read more…


May 27, 2015

Colin O'Connor ArtAn exhibition by artist

Colin O’Connor

18th June – 12th July 2015

mesh. is an exhibition of Combined Materials by Irish artist Colin O’Connor.  read more…

My Favourite Corner of France – Soulac-sur-Mer [5 of 5]

June 12, 2015
Image via Glace Judici

Image via Glace Judici

By Matthieu Nivard

My favourite corner of France?

Well, as a true Bordelais, I believe spending your summer holidays anywhere but on a south-western beach is a waste of time.

There are plenty to choose from from Médoc down to the Basque country but one of them holds a special place in my heart: Soulac-sur-Mer.

What so special about it then? read more…

My Favourite Corner of France – Une Experience Eton-Nantes [4 of 5]

June 8, 2015

Elephant Nantes By Marina Oracolo

When I first arrived in Nantes as an Erasmus exchange student I had not the slightest idea of what my new host city would look like.

Four hours after my arrival, I was staring in astonishment at a giant wooden elephant taking a walk on the edges of the Loire river. Some twenty people were read more…

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