AFCork Christmas Break

December 15, 2014

Monday 15 December 2014-Sunday 4 January 2015 inclusive (Classes will recommence on Wednesday 7 & Saturday 10 January 2015)

ADULTS: Saturday 20 December 2014-Sunday 4 January 2015 inclusive

Christmas Card vs Carte de Voeux

December 15, 2014

PC180532 (Copy)‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house not a card was missing…

Well, except the ones from your French friends.

Don’t expect a Christmas card from anyone you know in France. A cartes de vœux might come but not before the New Year. The reason for this slight difference in dates is historical.

Before Christmas Cards were first used in England in the mid 19th century, the French had long been exchanging a kind of wishing card but at a different time of the year. It was indeed customary to visit family members or friends’ read more…

A Christmas Gift With a French Twist

December 9, 2014

AFC voucher

Breathe in Breathe out

November 17, 2014

1406154637 (3) (Copy)An exhibition of printmaking and sculpture by French artist

Aude Dimofski-Gottmann

12th December 2014 – 25th January 2015

The exhibition Breathe in Breathe out emerged through the artist’s exploration about perception and how we forget in contemporary society to breathe: inhale, exhale. read more…


October 2, 2014

Book-art by Irish artist Grace O'LearyAn exhibition of book-art by Irish artist

Grace O’Leary

6th – 30th November 2014

Exhibition extended until 6th December 2014

This exhibition of drawings and hand-made books, focuses on different varieties of human experiences. It captures the emergence of internal thoughts and feelings which can often become consuming. It studies negative thought patterns which emerge once you immerse yourself in the story of your thoughts. Although felt internally these personal struggles read more…

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